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Monday, February 27, 2012

GUI based Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW) for Ubuntu Linux

Here are some easy steps for installing and configuring GUFW:

Following websites have been referred for this subject:

Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW) is the standard firewall configuration program in Ubuntu. It is a command line program. Most users will prefer to use Gufw, which is a graphical program to configure UFW.

$ sudo apt-cache search gufw

gufw - graphical user interface for ufw

$ sudo apt-get install gufw

To run:

$ sudo gufw

If u are running through dashboard shorcut then, the GUI of firewall will be initially inactive, to activate it, click the pad-icon:

Move over mouse near Firewall Configuration Menu Bar, Edit> Preference;

Adding/Modifying preconfigured rules: Click to '+' rule> Preconfigured tab> select In/Out and SERVICE:

Anyway ALLOW all OUT and deny ALL IN is best!!! :)

You can simply drag the GUFW to Task Bar for frequent access:

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