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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spell check not working in Libreoffice or OpenOffice.

"spell check is not working in Libreoffice or OpenOffice"
It is a common problem faced by new LibreOffice or OpenOffice users.The auto spell checker does not highlight the misspelled words in red as it happens in MS office.

The possible reason of the problem is that during installation LibreOffice or OpenOffice has only installed  spell checkers for
USA English. Now, if you are using Default Languages as other English Locals such as English (Australia), English (Trininad), English (India) etc. A snapshot of Local English version is shown below. In such scenario, the spell checker will not work.


The simple solution would be use of USA English Languages as Default Languages:

Go to Tools> Options> Language Settings > Languages> Default Languages and select English (USA) :

Tip: You should ensure following settings:
Go to Tools> Language> For Selection >  as English (USA)


Go to Tools> Language> For Paragraph >  as English (USA)

Restart LibreOffice or OpenOffice.

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