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Monday, April 30, 2012

SQLDUMPER library failed initialization. Your installation is either corrupt or has been tampered with. Please unistall then re -run to correct the problem.


Some of the related Symptoms of the problems are as under:

  1. Users have Windows XP (SP2)/ Vista / Windows 7 or Server based systems.
  2. The error message every time I boot up.
  3. User can use the system normally by ignoring the error message and clicking OK.
  4. The problem may appear after installing Microsoft Visual Studio or other product.
The Problem
Possible reason of the problems is un-installation of Outlook’s Business Contact Manager. The un-installation doesn't stop or disable service SQL Server VSS Writer. You can find its status in Control PanelAdministrative Tools > "Services" as started with startup type set to start Automatic. The service  SQL Server VSS Writer expects a working SQL Server installation that you have un-installed.


One of the possible solution is  open "Services" from the Windows Control PanelAdministrative Tools or typing "Services.msc" in the Run command, and stop  SQL Server VSS Writer service and set its  startup type to manual.

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