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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Compress and Decompress files in Linux? Zip/rar or 7-zip?To decompress/unrar a .rar file?

Almost in all Linux distributions, GUI based Archive Manager/Roller is available for Compressing and Decompressing files. All you need is to just select the file, right click  and choose Compress or Extract.

7-zip format provides  best compression, but may be slow for large files. By default, it may not be available with Archive Manager/RollerFor using password protection install 'p7zip-full':
 Open terminal ad type command:

$sudo apt-get install p7zip-full

After installation you will not find any command line p7zip-full, but it gets added in 'Compression' menu of file selection:

 You can also set a password: 

To decompress/unrar a .rar file

You can install "unrar-free" utility:
 sudo apt-get install unrar-free

Now, to decompress a .rar file, for example: myfile.rar located at "/home/user/Desktop/":

sudo unrar e /home/user/Desktop/myfile.rar

Which is good image editor or graphics drawing tool for Linux? What is the Ubuntu equivalent of MS Paint?

There are several tools available for Image drawing or editing , graphics design: GIMP, xpaint, gpaint, kolourpaint, mtpaint..

GIMP or General Image Manipulation Program is one of the most popular and good graphics editor.

GIMP can do image editing tasks such as resizing, editing, cropping , converting between different image formats. 

To instal on Ubuntu, open terminal and type command:

   $ sudo apt-get install gimp

Tip: If you are migrating from Windows to Linux then KolourPaint from may be a good choice.