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Monday, June 11, 2012

How to create round corner page borders for Microsoft Word document? How to add frame to a Microsoft Word document?

We can use two simple methods:
  1. Add a Watermark Image of the round corner frame or,
  2. Add a Background Image of the round corner frame.

First method gives a watermark, which blurs/fades the frame image, so second method is recommended.

Adding a Background Image of the round corner frame:

1. Create round corner frame image: Open Microsoft Word and Set Zoom level to 100%.
navigate to View and check Ruler and Guideline. Now, It will help you to set the rectangle as border properly.

navigate to Insert > Shapes and select the Rounded Rectangle shape. Draw a rectangle about the right size as shown below. You can select thickness and color of your choice for the rectangle.

Again, navigate to View and Un-check Ruler and Guideline. go to View and select Full Screen Reading:

Use Print Screen button of keyboard and paste in MS Paint and select the frame as image: (dashed outline shown in figure below )

Save it as a .bmp image.

2. Open the Microsoft Word document in which you want to add the round corner frame/border and navigate to Page Layout tab, in the Page Background group, click Page Color.
Click Fill Effects:

Select picture Tab:

give path of full size Drawing frame save as BMP

That's done!!

You shall find round corner page borders/frame: