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Saturday, January 19, 2013

How to run an Android App (.apk file) on a Windows computer? How to run TrueCaller App on a Windows Computer?

YouWave software for Windows, allows to download and run Android applications on Windows based  computers  without having to bother about downloading the Android SDK and Java SDK. 

YouWave contains a virtual machine and can easily be  installed with few mouse clicks.

To run an Android App (.apk file)  on Windows based computer you can use Android emulators or standalone applications such as YouWave (from

After installing the program Android-application can be imported from the local drive or downloaded then installed from Internet.

To import Apps into YouWave from Local Drive:
  • ·         Navigate to YouWave working directory: "C:\Users\username\youwave\android apps\"  and  copy App files (ending with .apk) .

  • ·         Select "View" from YouWave menu and "Redraw Icons". Wait for a moment! New App icons should appear.
  • ·         Double click on any app to install it into Android and run automatically.


  1. I am using youwave emulator on windows xp and cannot find ... C:\Users\username\youwave\android apps\

    there is no such directory... Is there any alternative?

    1. On Windows XP, navigate to "My computer" > C:\Documents and Settings\username\youwave\android apps\

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