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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Do we really need memory optimidation Apps such as Clean Master, SDMaid etc on Android based smartphone mobiles or tablets?

Recently I tried Clean Master and  SDMaid Apps on my Android based smartphones and tablets. Wanted to know whether these really helps or just pretends or simulate the things. Here are my findings.

1. Cache cleaning: Yes, the feature really works. However, you can also do it manually, by going to System Settings > Storage and selecting "Cached data" options.

2. Memory boosting: No, the feature is not really that helpful. Android intentionally keeps the Apps into memory (RAM) for better performance.  The Apps like Clean Master, claims cleaning memory and increasing performance by cleaning un-necessary Apps from memory. However, you will notice that the Android OS will again load those Apps into the  memory again, and this degrades performance even more., as the CPU cycles are wasted.

3. Other features: These Apps provide several other features, out of which App Lock feature is really cool.
The AppLock feature lets you password (or pattern)-protect apps. this means you can lock camera, Contacts, SMS, Video players...... really cool. However, the most irritating thing about this feature is that once you are online over internet, this starts shows Advertisements on your Security Lock screen, and many of these advertisements are about  too cheap things.

So, its up to you, you may like to go for feature 1 and 2 above.

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